Wednesday, January 6, 2021

Winter Special 2021 --- Shipping to CANADA

 In response to our Canadian Friends... 
We are offering the WINTER SPECIAL with
Shipping to CANADA

❄❅❆   WINTER SPECIAL   ❄❅❆

$5.00 off each BOOK thru February 15, 2021


1. Email your Name, Mailing Address, Qty of each Book you would like to order to:  
2. We will email a shipping quote to you.
3. Pay the PayPal Invoice we send to you.
4. Books will be shipped to you.


UPDATE...As I have already received a number of emails, here is the shipping info for most Canadian addresses so far...

The very best (most economic & timely) shipping option is US Postal Priority Service (6-8 days) for: $26.90
Example: MBE Book $19.95 + shipping $26.90 = $46.85 US dollars….. or approx. $59.42 Canadian dollars (this depends on the day you make payment & the rate of exchange)
FYI..... However, the $26.90 shipping rate is good for up to 4 lbs., so it would be to your benefit if you or a friend (or group/guild member) order a total of 2 books. (The only exception is 2 Hutchinson books is over 4 lbs. So any other combo.) Taking that into account, the shipping fee of $26.90 US ÷ 2 books = $13.45 per book + you save a total of $10 off the 2 books.
Wishing You a Happy & Healthy New Year!


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